Does SEO work for lawyers?

When done properly, SEO is very effective. However, it can be expensive where competition for first page rankings is very high. This means it’s not always viable for law firms to use SEO as a short or mid-term tool to get marketing leads. Some of the factors that are going to impact the effectiveness of [...]

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Do law firms need SEO?

Only if you want your website to rank highly for searches made on search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the like. While this may seem like a no-brainer, there are compelling reasons that only engaging in SEO for your law firm’s services isn’t a viable strategy for some law firms (especially where there’s high [...]

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What exactly is search engine optimisation or SEO for law firms?

Search engine optimisation is the process of writing or manipulating content on websites so that it appeals to the search engine algorithms and, therefore, ranks better on them. Achieving results from search engine optimisation efforts requires: A deep understanding of what each search engine algorithm is looking for on webpages. Creativity and the ability to [...]

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How much does your law firm need to spend on marketing?

The amount you need to spend on marketing your law firm can be guided by a comprehensive competitor analysis. A competitor analysis reveals what marketing activities your competitors are undertaking and which efforts (if any) are performing well. It also assesses their website and considers what pages are ranking well and what you will need [...]

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Is it a good idea for your law firm to reverse engineer/copy your competitor’s marketing strategy?

This depends on the precise marketing activity. In some cases, it’s necessary – like with SEO (search engine optimisation). This is because your law firm’s website needs to publish content that’s similar to (or higher in quality and longer than) your competitor(s) for relevant keywords to (potentially) rank higher than them for that specific keyword. [...]

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What is included in a digital marketing-specific competitor analysis for law firms?

A competitor analysis for law firms looking to improve their digital marketing strategy includes: Identifying your competitors. Identifying the marketing activities your competitors undertake (eg. A website, social media, blogging, public relations and earned media, podcasts, etc). Assessing the websites that link to your competitors’ sites. Comparing and contrasting your competitors’ marketing efforts against your [...]

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