This varies from client to client, depending on your needs, how competitive your industry is, and how much we have going on. Generally, if you want your law firm website up and running ASAP, we’ll work to implement a ‘good enough’ solution to get a basic site up in as little as one week for as little as a few hundred dollars.

We can also generally create landing pages in as little as one week.

To create a more comprehensive site takes time. This is one factor that leads to search engines tending to favour sites that are older. To achieve this, we usually require a few months to prepare and go through the approval process for sites with sub-pages for services areas and different pages for each attorney bio, for instance.

Additionally, we offer monthly packages designed to improve your visibility and increase the number of pages on your website over time. We can, for instance, negotiate packages where we’ll deliver 4 pages per month for the contract term. The specifics of these packages will be tailored for your law firm.

Working with us, it’s important to remember we’re a small team of writers and we service clients from around the world. The benefit of this is that you receive tailored service, (typically) lower prices – since our overheads are so much lower, and (crucially) consistency. We ensure there’s only one point of contact for your project, so you always know who’s working on your content. This is a significant benefit for law firms looking to develop a consistent, cohesive website. However, it also can take more time since we do strongly promote and encourage work/life balance. We won’t sacrifice the mental health of our writers just to get a few pages up on a website a week earlier – trust us, copywriting emergencies are few and far between.