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More than one third of potential clients start their search for a lawyer online.  


More than one third of potential clients start their search for a lawyer online.  

Law Firm Website Content

Your law firm’s website content first job is to send the right signals to the search engines so it can be found. This is as true for website content being used for paid ads campaigns as it is for those aiming to be found organically through search.  

The second job your law firm’s website content must undertake is to appeal to visitors. To achieve this, it needs to be easy to understand, intelligently formatted, and engaging.  

Develop Your Law Firm’s Website Content In-House.

Develop Your Law Firm’s Website Content In-House.

Obiter Marketing’s consultants would love to work with you to develop a strong strategy for your law firm’s website content. This helps keep costs low since you create the writing in house, while ensuring your law firm’s website is impactful as possible for readers and search engines.  

Outsource Your Copywriting for Your Law Firm Website.

Outsource Your Copywriting for Your Law Firm Website.

Obiter Marketing’s writers would be thrilled to help you develop your law firm’s website copy. We offer predictable fixed price packages and we’re happy to either generate your website’s copy from the beginning or expand your current pages to increase your visibility.  

70% of law firms aren’t following website content best practices. Don’t be one of them.

FAQs about Law Firm Website Content 

What content should a law firm website contain?2022-01-05T20:21:02+00:00

There are quite a few things to consider when deciding what content you should put on your law firm’s website. It will vary depending on (amongst other things) your marketing strategy, your branding, your law firm’s goals and ideal client profile, what your competitors have on their website, and the time and/or budget you have to create the content on your law firm website.

Generally, your website should contain at least:

  • Home page.
  • Practice Area pages, one page for each.
  • Attorney Bios (for your law firm’s partners at a minimum).
  • A ‘Why Us?’ page that outlines your firm’s unique selling proposition, and why clients would choose you above other firms.
  • Contact Us, including the ability to request a consultation.

Once you have these pages prepared, turn your focus to the following:

  • Sub-practice area pages.
  • Reviews and testimonials.
  • A Resource Centre and/or blog.
  • Case studies.
  • An ‘In the Press’ page, if you have earned media contributions.
Why is your law firm’s website content important?2022-01-05T20:28:46+00:00

The content on your law firm’s website performs several critical functions, including convincing your website visitors to become clients and instructing the search engines to direct traffic to your website.

Quality content will help you:

Build trust.

Engage your audience.

Convert visitors.

Create connections.

Set expectations.

Address common client queries.

How does one create content for a law firm website?2022-01-05T20:30:28+00:00

Everyone’s writing process will vary – even amongst professionals. Some professionals write just to branding guidelines or to convert a client, others consider SEO only, and some of us try to achieve balance between these considerations. You should endeavour to do the same if creating your own content in house.

Some quick tips for creating content for your law firm website:

  • Keep (most) sentences shorter than 20-25 words. There are tools you can employ to help with this.
  • Break up the text into short paragraphs. 2-3 sentences per paragraph ideally.
  • Use graphics and icons to convey meaning.
  • Ensure you understand the role of H1 and H2 headings in search engine optimisation.

For more assistance developing content in-house, please reach out. We’re happy to share our knowledge, even if we don’t end up turning you into a paying client. Feel free to book a 30-minute consult with us or send through an email with any burning questions you have. If we have a moment, we’ll respond with some resources.

What about law firm website design?2022-01-05T20:31:24+00:00

Obiter Marketing has strong referral relationships with website developers in strategic locations around the world. For visitors from Canada, please visit my Canadian website design and development referring partner, Sitewyze.

Sitewyze develops beautiful, functional websites at affordable prices. Their attention to detail is exceptional and the team is always quick to respond.

Should your law firm’s rates be included in your website content?2022-01-05T20:35:44+00:00

There are pros and cons to including your rates in your website content. Ultimately, whether you (should) include your rates on your website will vary depending on how you set pricing at your firm, your target audience, and your branding.

Does it matter how many words there are on your law firm website page?2022-01-05T20:36:05+00:00

Yes! It the number of words on your webpage matters.  

Too little content and you’re unlikely to engage your potential clients’ attention. You also likely don’t have enough content on the page to send the right signals to the search engines for them to determine what your page is about.  

Too much and your content may damage your brand – since you likely don’t want to convey to your potential clients that you’re overly loquacious, and potentially inefficient. Moreover, it may send confusing signals about keywords to the search engines.  

But the number of words on a page is just one factor that will impact the performance of your law firm’s website (and its content).  

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