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Your engaged audience is just a few emails away…


It offers an affordable and easy way to improve your law firm marketing – without much effort.

Strategic Email Marketing for Law Firms

With Obiter Marketing, you receive lead-generating email marketing campaigns that deliver results. Every marketing email drafted for your law firm is strategic, interesting, and designed to captivate your readers.


Deeper Client Connections




Email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy available for law firms today.

“Stephanie is one of our best assets in marketing, from her absolutely stellar organizational skills to her uncanny ability to research and write complex articles. She has been the lynchpin that holds our content efforts together, and she’s become essential in our planning and strategy sessions as well. There’s nobody CGL would rather have as a part of our team.”

Real World Results: Obiter Marketing and CGL LLP

About CGL: CGL LLP is a fully distributed, female-led transaction law firm dedicated to providing exceptional legal services infused with humanity. Its founders, and its attorneys, are highly qualified and experienced, having worked in leading law firms, government departments, and demanding in-house roles.

Obiter’s Work With CGL

CGL’s weekly newsletter is emailed out to more than 1,100 subscribers each week – and has been since May 2019. The weekly newsletter’s performance is above industry standards.

CGL Open Rate
Legal Open Rate
Avg. Open Rate

Law Firm Newsletter Content That Delights

Your clients and potential clients are more interested in your law firm and your lawyers than you might think. The increasing use of social media by law firms provides strong evidence for this. Yet today, email newsletters are an underutilised tool in delivering insights and opinions to your engaged audience.

Obiter’s law firm newsletter content captivates and delights your readers. It offers an affordable and easy way to improve your law firm marketing.

Automated Email Campaigns For Law Firms

Selling legal services to legal customers is more complex and more competitive than ever before. Intelligent email marketing campaigns help law firms move users from interested readers to paying clients – without the fuss.  

Obiter develops strategic automated email campaigns that nurture these relationships with potential clients. From the moment your potential client signs up to the list, they’ll be rewarded with marketing materials that build credibility and trust and deliver real value. 

Email marketing generally achieves the highest ROI of any content marketing strategy.

FAQs About Email Marketing for Law Firms

What is email marketing?2021-06-07T20:24:29+00:00

Email marketing is an effective digital strategy your law firm can use to connect with current clients and nurture potential clients. Well-executed email marketing helps convert prospective clients into paying clients and existing clients into high-value ones.

You can use email marketing to develop trust, create value, and start a dialogue with your subscribers. You can keep your clients updated with what’s happening at your law firm – awards you’ve won, blogs you’ve published, and events you’re running. It’s an easy way to foster connection and keep your law firm’s name in front of your audience. Of course, you can also use it to answer queries about your services to move people who are aware of your law firm through your marketing funnel.

What are the benefits of email marketing for law firms?2021-06-07T20:24:58+00:00

The available research estimates that internet users spend between two and six hours a day reading through their emails – both at work and at home. People check their emails while eating, working, walking, and commuting. That adds up to plenty of opportunities for your law firm to get your marketing emails in front of your subscribers’ eyes.

Beyond being one of the most reliable methods of communication, email marketing for law firms can:

  • Develop deeper trust between your law firm and your clients.
  • Enhance brand recognition and build your brand.
  • Ensure your firm seems approachable and helpful.
  • Offer a more informal forum for communications with your clients.
  • Build meaningful relationships with your clients.
  • Deliver value to your clients on an ongoing basis.
  • Gain data insights that can inform marketing strategy decisions.
What can email marketing do for my law firm?2021-06-07T20:25:29+00:00

Some of the many things email marketing can do for your law firm include:

  • Enhanced business-customer relationships.
  • Improved client communications.
  • Increased perceived value of legal services.
  • Better traffic flow to your website.

Regardless of your law firm size and the size of your mailing list, email marketing can offer an exceptional ROI. In fact, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing.

With Obiter, your email marketing campaigns start from just $50 per email (plus a one-off set up fee).

What is email marketing strategy for law firms?2021-06-07T20:25:44+00:00

An email marketing strategy refers to the strategies and processes developed to ensure your email marketing efforts don’t go unrewarded.

At Obiter, our marketing specialists develop an email marketing strategy for your law firm that considers how to best engage your target audience. The strategy contemplates ideal content delivery (timing, frequency, and format), as well as the topics to cover.

We routinely reflect upon and report key metrics to you, engaging in a process of continuous improvement to ensure long-term results.

What are the best ways to grow an email subscriber’s list?2021-06-07T20:26:25+00:00

Growing your audience over time is key in seeing a continuous ROI from your mailing list. There are several ways to achieve this:

  • Regularly distribute unique, interesting content.
  • Place a pop-up on your website – and use other design features to make subscribing simple.
  • Develop digital content that requires users to enter their email addresses and consent to receiving email marketing. (This is highly effective).
  • Promote a special offer that requires users to enter their email address and consent to receiving email marketing – like a free 15-minute consultation.

To be clear: We never purchase email lists. Growing your email audience using purchased lists is ineffective and often illegal. It’s not a tactic that we’re comfortable with.

How often should your law firm send out marketing emails?2021-06-07T20:26:41+00:00

The only correct answer to this is: it depends. It depends on how much content your law firm is creating otherwise, as well as your business goals, your subscriber preferences, and the email marketing platform you’re using.

If you know what your subscriber interests are, you can send more content than if your emails are more broad brushstrokes designed to hit as many interests as possible. Some email marketing platforms are better equipped to manage this than others.

You can look to see what your competitors are doing as a starting point. Or you can hedge your bets and start with an email every 2 weeks and adjust upwards or downwards depending on the initial engagement.

We’ll work with you to develop a strong strategy from the outset and adjust it over time.

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