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Strategic Marketing for Law Firms That Demand Value

Your law firm’s marketing must be memorable & visible. Obiter works at the intersection of legal research & marketing expertise to uplift your online presence.

Grow your online presence with Obiter’s law firm marketing services

It’s getting harder for law firms to get noticed. To succeed in today’s competitive environment, your law firm’s marketing efforts need to be strategic, smart, and SEO-backed. That’s where Obiter Marketing thrives.


with an impactful website.


with content they actually read.


with strategic marketing efforts.

Strategic Marketing for Law Firms That Demand Value

Online Law Firm Marketing

Your potential clients are looking for you online. To convert them into paying clients, your law firm’s online presence needs to be impactful and memorable. With Obiter, your online law firm marketing efforts reap incredible benefits: 

Law Firms We Have Worked With 

“Working with Obiter has been amazing.  We’ve locked in a least 4 blog posts per month on topics that support our business and align with on-line interest, which has been fabulous for Privacy 108.

We’ve definitely secured new clients through the boost to our on-line presence from working with Obiter Marketing.”

Dr Jodie Siganto, Director at Privacy 108

“As a software supplier in the legal industry, you require very specific knowledge and creativity to successfully reach your target audience. Over the past 3 years, Stephanie at Obtier Marketing has proved to have these qualities by helping our organization devise and create high-quality content in the different phases of our customer journey. Her content marketing and writing skills take TIQ’s content strategy to a higher level!”

Bas Roodbeen, TIQ Time

Content Marketing for Law Firms

Content marketing refers to the online material your firm can use to attract potential new clients to your website. It is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on generating inbound traffic using content your audience finds valuable and relevant. Generally, it includes blogs, social media, eBooks, podcasts, and the like.

Inbound strategies (like content marketing) cost 62% less per lead than outbound strategies.

Content marketing holds plenty of potential for law firms. It allows you to deliver value to clients without much effort (once the content is published). You can answer frequently asked questions, address common concerns, and let your clients know what to expect. This can result in drastic increases to perceived communication, without taking up your lawyers’ billable time.

Law firms have unique content marketing needs. The law is nuanced and complex. Yet, for your prospective clients to gain any benefit from your content, it needs to be easily digestible.

That’s where Obiter Marketing comes in. Our writers are either studying or have graduated with law degrees. We’re able to tie complex legal topics into neatly packaged bundles for your prospective and current clients.

Law Firm Marketing Strategy

You have limited time resources to dedicate to your law firm’s marketing, so you need to make sure that your marketing efforts count. A strong law firm marketing strategy ensures your efforts (and dollars) don’t go unrewarded.

Obiter Marketing develops strategic marketing plans that contemplate what your competitors are doing, and what you need to do to stand out.

Law Firm Website Content

We live in the digital age so your law firm needs a website to survive. If you want to thrive, you need a very good website. The design is critical, but the words your website contains are what your clients are going to base their final decision on. They’re also what Google is going to use to direct potential clients to your website in the first place.

You need attention-grabbing, search engine optimised content that tells your story. Your words need to build trust, establish credibility, and resonate with your audience. Getting it right is essential, since your website is your best chance to make a strong first impression.

Obiter Marketing helps law firms get their website content right.

Strategic Marketing for Law Firms That Demand Value