Search engine optimisation is the process of writing or manipulating content on websites so that it appeals to the search engine algorithms and, therefore, ranks better on them.

Achieving results from search engine optimisation efforts requires:

  • A deep understanding of what each search engine algorithm is looking for on webpages.
  • Creativity and the ability to write content that delights the human audience, as well as the bots.
  • The ability to read and decipher website analytics and make suggestions to improve poor metrics.
  • Strong technical SEO knowledge on the part of web developers.
  • Strong ability to design webpages so that they look good for your website users and make sense to the search engine algorithm

Generally, it’s uncommon for one person to have all these skills. At Obiter Marketing, our in-house talent advises on the first three points, and we outsource or engage contractors for web development and design.