How Can Obiter Marketing Help Immigration Consultants and Immigration Law Firms?

Obiter Marketing works with immigration consultants and immigration law firms to develop content that resonates with potential clients and appeals to search engines. We prefer to develop long-term collaborations with you, since marketing is most effective as a long-term strategy. However, we will occasionally consult on individual marketing campaigns, on a case-by-case basis. If you [...]

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What Digital Marketing Strategies are there for Immigration Consultants and Immigration Law Firms?

There are so many digital marketing strategies available for immigration consultants and immigration law firms. Since there are so many options available, the best marketing strategy is the one that has been tailored to your budget and that plays to your law firm’s strengths. Working with us, we can help you design and implement a [...]

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Why do Immigration Consultants and Immigration Law Firms Need a Marketing Strategy?

Unfortunately, the internet is rife with scam and low-quality immigration services providers. For legitimate immigration consultants and immigration law firms, this means you must work harder to establish your brand and your credibility – if you want to attract potential clients in the online space. Your digital marketing strategy is going to be key if [...]

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Does it matter how many words there are on your law firm website page?

Yes! It the number of words on your webpage matters.   Too little content and you’re unlikely to engage your potential clients’ attention. You also likely don’t have enough content on the page to send the right signals to the search engines for them to determine what your page is about.   Too much and your content may damage [...]

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What about law firm website design?

Obiter Marketing has strong referral relationships with website developers in strategic locations around the world. For visitors from Canada, please visit my Canadian website design and development referring partner, Sitewyze. Sitewyze develops beautiful, functional websites at affordable prices. Their attention to detail is exceptional and the team is always quick to respond.

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How does one create content for a law firm website?

Everyone’s writing process will vary – even amongst professionals. Some professionals write just to branding guidelines or to convert a client, others consider SEO only, and some of us try to achieve balance between these considerations. You should endeavour to do the same if creating your own content in house. Some quick tips for creating [...]

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What content should a law firm website contain?

There are quite a few things to consider when deciding what content you should put on your law firm’s website. It will vary depending on (amongst other things) your marketing strategy, your branding, your law firm’s goals and ideal client profile, what your competitors have on their website, and the time and/or budget you have [...]

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What information does Obiter require from law firms to write a website?

At a minimum, we’ll need to know which service areas you work in, what (if any) services you’d like to sell more of, and who is working at your firm. Ideally, we’d also love access to information about your law firm’s: Target audience. Current website analytics. Pain points and challenges when converting potential clients into [...]

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