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I’m a law grad who loves the intellectual challenge of the law but didn’t take to the rat race. After working as a legal secretary for a few years, I left to live life as a digital nomad and learned marketing along the way. After working as a freelance writer for a while and earning my chops with a year at a marketing agency, I started Obiter Marketing to cater exclusively to law firms and the legal industry.

Obiter’s Statement on Generative AI and Other AI Platforms

At Obiter, we believe humans get the best results when we leverage the power of AI to write better and work faster. We do not, however, believe that AI platforms are capable of creating accurate, high-quality content that's tailored to your target audience in totality. In this post, we'll outline how we use AI, how [...]

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What is Domain Authority: Best Practices for Law Firms

Transparency: We used an outsourced third party to draft this blog post. It does not reflect our writing style and we did not invest the time to make significant edits to it. Our small team prefers to prioritize writing for our clients and can't always make time to cover these important topics. So, please ignore [...]

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The Best Content for Law Firms to Invest in During a Recession

We’ll leave the recession predictions to the experts, but it seems safe to say that the economy will experience a slowdown in 2023. And while it’s common for marketers to suggest ramping up marketing to generate demand during a turndown – we’re taking a slightly different approach. Yes – we still think that law firms [...]

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A Guide To Competitor Analysis for Law Firms

Your law firm’s reputation and revenue can be improved using (strategic) marketing efforts. But the issue with marketing is that the possibilities are endless - and overwhelming. Fortunately, you can simplify your law firm’s content marketing strategy by conducting a thorough competitor analysis. What is a Competitor Analysis? Competitor analysis helps you understand how your [...]

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Key Takeaways from Clio’s 2022 Legal Trends Report

In this year's Legal Trends Report, Clio focused on how law firms can become antifragile. The antifragile law firm is described as building resiliency into its operations by balancing the needs of its clients, the industry, and their people. We're going to focus on Clio's examination of how law firms can prioritize client needs in [...]

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SEO For Immigration Lawyers: Unlock Your Foolproof Guide

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for immigration lawyers and consultants. Hopeful immigrants around the world are seeking out assistance, and they'll only turn to your law firm if they find you online or if they have a friend (who likely found you online). Search Engine Optimization - or SEO - for immigration lawyers [...]

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Understanding Data Analytics for Law Firms: Social Media Metrics

July 2022 was an incredible month for one of our clients. With our help, they achieved astonishing social media growth: 9300% growth in followers on Instagram. A 6333.33% increase in the number of profile views on Instagram.A 3258.82% increase in impressions. 1000% increase in reach. Depending on your experience with social media and analytics, those [...]

Google Business Profile for Law Firms: Your Guide To Local SEO

Table of ContentsWhat is Google Business Profile?Google Business Profile: A Key Local SEO Tool For Law FirmsGoogle Reviews For Law FirmsConnect With Potential ClientsCreate and Share Posts on Google Business ProfileHow To Create a Post on Google Business ProfileRespond to ReviewsSend and Receive Messages DirectlyReceive CallsRespond to Frequently Asked QuestionsBest Practices for Law Firms Using [...]

4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Start a Law Firm Blog

If you're looking into online marketing for your law firm, you may be curious about starting a blog. Blogging is an exceptional and exceptionally popular tool for marketing any business - law firms included. If you're not yet convinced, read on to discover why you might start a law firm blog. What is a Law [...]

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Small Law Firm Marketing Budget: How Much to Spend on Online Marketing in 2022

Table of ContentsHow Much Do Small Law Firms Spend on Marketing in 2022? Average Small Firm Marketing BudgetThe Cost of Marketing with ObiterFactors that Impact a Small Law Firm Marketing BudgetBudgeting Based on Competitive AnalysisWhat Goes Into A Small Law Firm Marketing BudgetLaw Firm Website Design and DevelopmentSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Content Marketing for Law FirmsEmail NewslettersSocial [...]

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