What is Domain Authority: Best Practices for Law Firms

Transparency: We used an outsourced third party to draft this blog post. It does not reflect our writing style and we did not invest the time to make significant edits to it. Our small team prefers to prioritize writing for our clients and can't always make time to cover these important topics. So, please ignore [...]

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SEO For Immigration Lawyers: Unlock Your Foolproof Guide

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for immigration lawyers and consultants. Hopeful immigrants around the world are seeking out assistance, and they'll only turn to your law firm if they find you online or if they have a friend (who likely found you online). Search Engine Optimization - or SEO - for immigration lawyers [...]

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Google Business Profile for Law Firms: Your Guide To Local SEO

Table of ContentsWhat is Google Business Profile?Google Business Profile: A Key Local SEO Tool For Law FirmsGoogle Reviews For Law FirmsConnect With Potential ClientsCreate and Share Posts on Google Business ProfileHow To Create a Post on Google Business ProfileRespond to ReviewsSend and Receive Messages DirectlyReceive CallsRespond to Frequently Asked QuestionsBest Practices for Law Firms Using [...]

Law Firm Content Marketing: Obiter’s Ultimate Guide

If your law firm hasn’t yet invested in content marketing, you’ve likely heard that you should be! Content marketing for law firms involves creating and sharing content for free to attract people and businesses to your law firm. It has become an almost unavoidable marketing strategy in 2022. In fact, 66% of marketers expect their [...]

How Long Should Your Law Firm’s Blog Posts Be?

While the adage quality over quantity remains true in legal content marketing, your law firm's blog post length matters. Research is consistently showing that longer blog posts perform better. We’ve tested this with legal content for our clients and generally, the longer blog posts do receive more clicks and more engagement. But short posts containing [...]

Case Study: Exceeding Industry Averages with Email Marketing for a California Law Firm

Obiter Marketing partnered with California Law Firm CGL LLP in May 2020 to deliver a weekly email - The Weekly Brief. Since then, we have delivered 52 emails per year containing legal industry updates, business insights, and thought leadership discussing burnout, female participation in law, and more. 28.46% The average open rate for CGL's [...]

3 Compelling Reasons Your Law Firm Should Seek Online Reviews (& How To Ask For Them)

In late January 2022, the US Federal Trade Commission published two articles in the wake of its first case relating to the deceptive practice of failing to post negative reviews. The first provided an outline of the proposed settlement with a California retailer which used a third-party review management software to automatically post 4- and [...]

Obiter’s Ultimate Guide to SEO Basics for Law Firms

Improve Your Law Firm Website Rankings by Mastering These SEO Basics When it comes to getting found on search engines, you have two options: SEO or pay-per-click advertising (PPC). The best option for law firms looking to start getting found by users searching for legal representation is to do both. PPC is a highly [...]

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