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I’m a law grad who loves the intellectual challenge of the law but didn’t take to the rat race. After working as a legal secretary for a few years, I left to live life as a digital nomad and learned marketing along the way. After working as a freelance writer for a while and earning my chops with a year at a marketing agency, I started Obiter Marketing to cater exclusively to law firms and the legal industry.

Law Firm Content Marketing: Obiter’s Ultimate Guide

If your law firm hasn’t yet invested in content marketing, you’ve likely heard that you should be! Content marketing for law firms involves creating and sharing content for free to attract people and businesses to your law firm. It has become an almost unavoidable marketing strategy in 2022. In fact, 66% of marketers expect their [...]

Subpages for Law Firm Services: The Benefits of Unique Subpages for Your Services

Size does matter when it comes to your website and its performance on search engines. Larger sites tend to perform better, which means your website needs to be of a comparable size to your competitors' sites if you want a chance to rank alongside them. Creating subpages for law firm services is an easy content [...]

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What are the Different Types of Content Marketing for Law Firms?

Content marketing for law firms, in broad terms, involves sharing written, visual, or video content for marketing purposes. Often, the content shared will be used to build trust, increase the overall value of services, or improve search visibility. There is a plenteous range of different types of content that can be used to market law [...]

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7 Habits of Law Firms with Highly Effective Marketing Emails

Email marketing isn’t a new tactic, but it is having a moment. Marketers around the world noticed an increase in the number of subscribers opening marketing emails in 2021. As a result, it is predicted to be one of the top trends in marketing in 2022. In fact, nearly 37% of companies plan on increasing [...]

Law Firm Marketing Funnels: What You Need to Supercharge Your Content Marketing

Marketing funnels are an illustration of the sequence of steps taken by your potential client. It shows the journey from your potential client ‘discovering’ your law firm to them signing a retainer (and ultimately referring similar clients). The fundamental objective of your law firm marketing funnel can be driving sales, generating warm leads, or building brand [...]

How Long Should Your Law Firm’s Blog Posts Be?

While the adage quality over quantity remains true in legal content marketing, your law firm's blog post length matters. Research is consistently showing that longer blog posts perform better. We’ve tested this with legal content for our clients and generally, the longer blog posts do receive more clicks and more engagement. But short posts containing [...]

Case Study: Exceeding Industry Averages with Email Marketing for a California Law Firm

Obiter Marketing partnered with California Law Firm CGL LLP in May 2020 to deliver a weekly email - The Weekly Brief. Since then, we have delivered 52 emails per year containing legal industry updates, business insights, and thought leadership discussing burnout, female participation in law, and more. 28.46% The average open rate for CGL's [...]

5 Major Email Marketing Metrics Law Firms Should Measure 

Email marketing is one of the leading marketing trends in 2022, with more than one-third of companies planning on increasing their email marketing budget this year. If your law firm is planning on increasing your investment, be sure to measure these five metrics for email marketing.  5 Metrics Law Firms Should Measure for Email Marketing  [...]

The Anatomy Of The Best Law Firm Website 

If a blueprint for the perfect website existed, everyone would use it. The reality is that branding, unique tastes and preferences, and the content and web design/development team you work with will impact how your law firm's website looks, feels, and functions. But while some elements of good law firm website design are a [...]

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3 Compelling Reasons Your Law Firm Should Seek Online Reviews (& How To Ask For Them)

In late January 2022, the US Federal Trade Commission published two articles in the wake of its first case relating to the deceptive practice of failing to post negative reviews. The first provided an outline of the proposed settlement with a California retailer which used a third-party review management software to automatically post 4- and [...]

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