If you’re looking into online marketing for your law firm, you may be curious about starting a blog. Blogging is an exceptional and exceptionally popular tool for marketing any business – law firms included. If you’re not yet convinced, read on to discover why you might start a law firm blog.

What is a Law Firm Blog?

A blog is a style of website (or part thereof) that discusses discrete topics in separate articles, referred to as blog posts. Each blog post is housed on an individual webpage, and it offers information that attracts and informs the reader.  

Usually, the content is presented in a specific order: new content appears before older blogs. But this isn’t always recommended for law firm blogs, particularly law firms with multiple practice areas. Instead, legal blogs might consider using careful categorization that makes topics more searchable. This makes it easier for your clients to find the content relevant to them. 

Why start a blog for your law firm?

Blogging provides many benefits from building relationships, establishing brand authority, and showcasing expertise. Despite the benefits, it’s a marketing tool that seems to be a little under-used in the legal industry. 

In fact, the 2021 American Bar Marketing Survey revealed that just 37% of responding law firms said their firm has a blog.

However, the figures were skewed by the number of large law firms (with 100+ lawyers) that had a blog – which is 62%. The rate of blog adoption drops significantly for law firms with 2-9 lawyers, reaching just 29%. Meanwhile, just 12% of solo practitioners have a blog.

This means that there are plenty of opportunities for small to medium-sized law firms to start using a blog to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Reasons To Start a Law Firm Blog

The prevalent reasons that law firms start blogs today include:

For client development.

88% of those who run a legal blog have said that they do it because it has helped them retain clients directly or through referrals. 

Career development and networking 

Also, 47% of reviewed law firms reported that maintaining an active legal blog has been beneficial in building a good network in the legal industry. 

To improve search engine result ranking of their websites 

35% of law firms have also testified that they run legal blogs to enhance their search engine rankings. 

For the fun of writing and outreach

Lastly, 59% do so because they enjoy writing and online outreach. 

Benefits of Starting a Law Firm Blog

Here are some of the tremendous benefits of blogging for lawyers:

Law firm blogs boost website traffic.

Law firm blogs help to drive web traffic and boost your presence in search engine results. 


The more you update your blog with helpful and relevant content, the more your website will appeal to search engine algorithms. This increases your chances of users finding your website when searching for information related to what you’ve posted.

You can reach your target audience and prospective clients better through active blogging. 

Blogging demonstrates your law firm’s expertise and credibility. 

You need a blog to establish and build trust with potential clients quickly. Your website must display your expertise in real-time; otherwise, you let your target slip away. A client is more likely to trust your legal service if your website has a blog with informative legal content. 

Rather than just having your contact and practice area information on your website, you can showcase your mastery by writing blog posts related to your practice area. By doing so, you can turn your readers into subscribers and clients.

A law firm blog supplies you with content for your social media accounts. 

Just one blog post can form the basis of multiple social media posts, ensuring you never run out of ideas for your feed. As an added benefit, linking from your social media feed to your blog (housed on your website) encourages your social followers and users to click through to your website. This makes your law firm more memorable and encourages the reader to choose you should they need legal assistance.

Here are some ideas for transforming your law firm blog posts into social media fuel:

  • Pull some “Quick Tips” from the blog post and share the link along with a note that readers can ‘find more’ by following the link.
  • Add a quote from the blog post to an image and share the image with a link to the post.
  • Create short videos based on the blog posts and share those with a link to the original blog post.
  • Ask your audience how they feel about the topic you covered in your blog post to start a discussion.
  • Create and share an infographic based on the information in the blog post.

Blogging sets you apart from your competitors. 

As we outlined above, blogging is (currently) an underutilized marketing tool in the legal industry. Given the immense advantages that come with blogging for law firms, it’s a channel your law firm should consider.

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