At Obiter, we believe humans get the best results when we leverage the power of AI to write better and work faster. We do not, however, believe that AI platforms are capable of creating accurate, high-quality content that’s tailored to your target audience in totality. In this post, we’ll outline how we use AI, how we don’t use AI, and where you should direct any questions about our use of AI.

We Use AI To Help Us With SEO

We subscribe to the paid version of Neil Patel’s SEO platform, Ubersuggest. This platform helps us track your website rankings over time and identify SEO opportunities, including keyword identification and backlink opportunities.

We use this tool alongside our own research and experience to generate your SEO strategies and to guide our content planning.

We Use Generative AI To Help Us Brainstorm Ideas and Plan Content

We subscribe to ChatGPT’s paid version and have opted out of the chat history and data sharing, so ChatGPT does not use the data we share with it to train its AI models.

That being said, we do not share your confidential information or any personal information with ChatGPT.

Our use of the AI platform is limited to us asking it to brainstorm broad topic ideas. We have developed and use template questions that we can easily tweak to help the large-language model AI to generate on-brand, relevant content topics, content outlines, and specific bullet points or topics to cover in your articles.

The ‘ideas’ generated by ChatGPT are then considered, built upon, and improved by human writers at Obiter Marketing.

We Do Not Use ChatGPT To Generate Paragraphs or Complete Blog Posts

We use ChatGPT as a planning aide, not as a replacement for human writers.

That being said, if there are any parts of your content have been largely generated by ChatGPT will be first reviewed by our human team and then highlighted in the draft version of the content we supply you with a note that it was written with the help of ChatGPT (or any other large-language model AI).

On average, for our existing clients, we would include one of these ‘partially generated by ChatGPT’ disclaimers for around 100 words out of every 4,000 words.

We Use AI And Outsourced Designers To Generate Your Blog’s Feature Images

We have a Canva subscription which we use to design the feature images and other visual elements of our blog posts. We also occasionally use Microsoft Designer to generate AI images when relevant on-brand stock imagery or graphics are not available.

That being said, we are not a design firm. We include design elements because they are an essential element of SEO and search visibility.

For clients who have particular branding requirements or are hoping to achieve a more premium feel, we have strong relationships with outsourced third-party designers. We are happy to refer you to these designers or to manage the design elements of the projects and to include those costs in our monthly fee.

We outsource all social media design to third-party designers.

For more information about how, why, and when we use AI, reach out. Our team is committed to transparency regarding our AI use and is happy to discuss it with you.