What are the differences between a whitepaper and a report?

The primary purpose of content creation for law firms is to increase brand awareness and to generate new leads. Whitepapers and reports are two good ways to go about this. While these two share some similarities, there are differences. Understanding these differences will help you determine which content best suits your law firm’s objectives. Whitepapers [...]

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What are the differences between a whitepaper and an eBook?

Whitepapers and eBooks are both longer form pieces of content that form part of a more advanced content marketing strategy. While there are similarities between these two, the most obvious one being length, they differ in several ways: Whitepapers target a specific niche within your audience while eBooks target a more general audience. Whitepapers are [...]

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What makes a good whitepaper?

Whitepapers have become a preferred tools for law firm marketing departments. They are incredibly effective at capturing leads for potential clients, while also outlining your USP and delivering value. To reap the benefits of whitepapers for business growth, it should be comprehensive practical, and directed towards one particular topic. Additionally, whitepapers are most effective when [...]

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What are the benefits of a whitepaper to your law firm?

The primary purpose of a whitepaper is to help readers, users, and clients understand a particular issue better. When a business creates a whitepaper, it positions its audience to come to the conclusion that the particular solution proposed within the whitepaper offers the best possible outcome. Other reasons for developing a whitepaper include: To influence [...]

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What is a white paper?

A whitepaper is any report on a particular topic that is authoritative and persuasive. It carefully analyses a problem and provides solutions to it, while providing real-world examples. A whitepaper would typically introduce the problem with a possible history and causes. At this stage, general research by industry leaders would be included as supporting evidence [...]

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