What are the best ways to grow an email subscriber’s list?

Growing your audience over time is key in seeing a continuous ROI from your mailing list. There are several ways to achieve this: Regularly distribute unique, interesting content. Place a pop-up on your website – and use other design features to make subscribing simple. Develop digital content that requires users to enter their email addresses [...]

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What is email marketing strategy for law firms?

An email marketing strategy refers to the strategies and processes developed to ensure your email marketing efforts don’t go unrewarded. At Obiter, our marketing specialists develop an email marketing strategy for your law firm that considers how to best engage your target audience. The strategy contemplates ideal content delivery (timing, frequency, and format), as well [...]

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What can email marketing do for my law firm?

Some of the many things email marketing can do for your law firm include: Enhanced business-customer relationships. Improved client communications. Increased perceived value of legal services. Better traffic flow to your website. Regardless of your law firm size and the size of your mailing list, email marketing can offer an exceptional ROI. In fact, email [...]

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an effective digital strategy your law firm can use to connect with current clients and nurture potential clients. Well-executed email marketing helps convert prospective clients into paying clients and existing clients into high-value ones. You can use email marketing to develop trust, create value, and start a dialogue with your subscribers. You [...]

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