Obiter’s marketing services offer several significant benefits for law firms: 

  1. Get Google-optimised content. There is a difference between the formal prose lawyers tend to prefer and the style of content Google prefers. With Obiter, you get the best of both worlds – professional content that Google likes and readers love.  
  2. Legal content by law graduates. While many marketing agencies will tell you that anyone can write a blog post for a law firm, the reality is that the legal industry has unique needs. There are strong benefits to having law graduates, adept at legal research, working on your content – and that’s what we offer: legal content from law graduates. 
  3. Make your marketing a priority. Lawyers get busy – and when that happens, creating marketing collateral probably falls to the wayside. We have the time and the passion to make your content our priority.   
  4. Strategic, predictable blogging. Your readers want the content to cover their pain points and be consistently clear and easy to digest. When you have multiple lawyers working on the content, the quality, style, and readability is variable too. With Obiter, your blog posts are consistent and written for specific purposes in a longer-term strategy. 
  5. Affordable blogging services for your law firm. Our services are designed to be less expensive than the billable hours your lawyers would lose by taking care of the content in house. Get in touch for a quote.