The process for writing an eBook is time consuming. You need to research potential topics and ensure there are interested readers searching for information online. Then, you need to create a content outline – again, using phrases that interested readers are searching for. From there, you need to find statistics on your topic to highlight prominently throughout the eBook – since these can be quite persuasive. Finally, you need to commit to sitting down and writing thousands or even tens of thousands of words (depending on your objectives).

If you’re preparing the content in-house, how long it takes to write an eBook will depend on your availability and how many words you can dictate or type in an hour. The process can be lengthy, especially if you aren’t in the habit of routinely researching and writing for hours at a time (like you were in University!).

If you’d like us to prepare the content for you, we can generally offer a 4-week turnaround on your eBook. That’s 4 weeks from conception through to design. We do offer priority preparation for an additional fee.

We have developed partnerships with designers and can take the reins on branding and format for the eBook. If you’d prefer to manage design in-house, we would be thrilled to provide the words you need.