Will your law firm’s blogs rank #1 on Google?

Honestly, maybe. The answer to this depends on how competitive your industry is, what your current online presence looks like, as well as the resources you’re willing to invest into your website and each blog post.   To rank number one, you need to outperform your competitors. When your content consistently outperforms your competitors’ content, your [...]

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Why Use Obiter Marketing to Write Blog Posts for Your Law Firm?

Obiter’s marketing services offer several significant benefits for law firms:  Get Google-optimised content. There is a difference between the formal prose lawyers tend to prefer and the style of content Google prefers. With Obiter, you get the best of both worlds – professional content that Google likes and readers love.   Legal content by law graduates. While [...]

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Where Does Blogging Fit into The Marketing Funnel?

Your law firm’s blog should be used to increase awareness of your law firm and pique the interest of prospective and existing clients. It will build your brand, help create a sense of value, and cultivate a community. However, you will still need to engage with those who read your blog on an individual level [...]

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Why Is Blogging Important for Law Firms?

Blogging is about building connections and creating communities. For law firms, each blog post offers an opportunity to inform, engage, and delight existing and prospective clients. This can be a significant competitive advantage, resulting in more leads and more referrals.   Some of the other business benefits of including a blog on your law firm’s website [...]

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What Is a Law Firm Blog?

A blog is a style of website (or part thereof) that discusses discrete topics in separate blog posts. Each blog post offers information that attracts and informs the reader.   Usually, the content is presented in a specific order: new content appears before older blogs. But this isn’t always recommended for law firm blogs, particularly law [...]

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