How long does it take to write an eBook for a law firm?

The process for writing an eBook is time consuming. You need to research potential topics and ensure there are interested readers searching for information online. Then, you need to create a content outline – again, using phrases that interested readers are searching for. From there, you need to find statistics on your topic to highlight [...]

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Which topic(s) should you cover in a law firm eBook?

You’re a subject matter expert and we’ve got no doubt you have plenty of topics you’d love to cover. The trick with content marketing, and particularly with eBooks, is to find an interesting topic that has good Google search volume. Google search volume refers to the number of people (on average) who are searching for [...]

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What are the benefits of eBooks for law firms?

The most remarkable benefit of creating an eBook for your law firm is that it will act as a powerful lead-capturing tool. Potential clients willingly hand over their details in exchange for the content, which allows you to add them to email marketing campaigns that may convert them into paying customers. The reason they’re so [...]

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Why would a law firm write an eBook

Marketers are increasingly using eBooks to help law firms generate leads, build authority, and add value for current and potential clients. These eBooks cover broad topics and are built on a solid foundation of strategy to generate clicks and rise through the Google rankings. Another benefit is that longer content is more likely to rank [...]

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What is an eBook?

The term eBook (short for electronic book) refers to a very broad class of long-form online content. This category of content covers the electronic versions of all your favourite classics that you read on your eReader. But it also includes a growing body of content prepared by businesses (including law firms) to comprehensively cover topics [...]

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