Does Obiter Marketing Create All Types of Content?

The writers at Obiter Marketing have extensive experience creating the following types of content for marketing purposes: Blog posts. eBooks. Whitepapers. Earned media contributions. Press releases. Email newsletters. Email marketing campaigns. Podcast scripts. Lawyer profiles. Law firm profiles. Website content. Pitch decks. Customer success stories. We work across a range of written content, however, we [...]

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What is the purpose of content marketing?

Content marketing can be used to build trust, provide value, and attract new potential clients to your website. But the overarching purpose of the content you put out will be to help turn your website visitors into paying clients. You will do this by leveraging content to move the potential clients through steps in the [...]

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is used as part of the process of attracting customers to your website or social media. It achieves this by creating and publishing content that appeals to them. The content might answer a question they have, solve a problem, entertain them, persuade or pique their curiosity.

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